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SUM 41

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Deryck Whibley
Dave Baksh
Steve Jocz
Jason McCaslin
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a little bit of background information on Sum 41.... not like you already wouldn't know if ur really as big a fan as u say you are...

Derick Whibley: Guitar/Vocals

Dave Baksh: Guitar/Vocals

Jason (Cone) McCaslin: Bass

Steve Jocz: Drums

Sum 41 was formed In Ontario, Canada from the formations of previous popular local acts

 FAST! is the best way to describe Sum 41's success. success came to this Canadian foursome rather easily by way of local gigs and a signing with Island Records only a year later.

The band released their debut album, Half Hour of Power by the middle of 2000. They started touring with more popular acts like, Blink 182 and Offspring and by the end of the year, more recording sessions wouldlead to their most promising work, All Killer, No Filler.

The band's single "Fat Lip" got inclusion in the Very popular movie American Pie and helped create the band in the new rock scene.


Thanks for taking a look. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll tri to update as frequently as i can.

Sum 41's fourth album "Chuck" is coming out on October 12th featuring their new song "were all to blame" CANT WAIT!


sum 41 is a killer band, nothing's better


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Sum 41 till the end