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SUM 41

Brown Sound

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How does you write a biography for a brown white guy? Confusing all whites around him, with a white boys antics such as playing a guitar, being a horrible basketball player and the most accent free in the band. Dave hails from the Sorthern Wastelands of Ajax. Having two hardcore Guyanese parents you'd figure he'd have a little more colour to his character but the only thing he seems to have inherited from them is a love for curry. He spends most of his time trying to catch up to Yngwie Malmsteens burning
"guilt licks" Aside from his cat Spanky peeing on his  laundry all the time he's a pretty happy guy! He has been in  bands such as A.N.D.P, Anatomy, Enbodiment, Doors of Draven, 747 and Freight Train Robba's, before he fell straight backwards into the hands of Sum 41...the most hated band in Ajax.



Age: 24
Birthday: July 26th, 1980
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Most likely to: Radically Crossover
Favorite expression: Ligigwing gwiggy gigigigi gweee-oh-go
Day job: I sell "Secret Superstar Emotion Lotion"
Favortie animal: penguin
Favorite bands: Tencious D. and Out of hand.
Favortie movies: Raging Bull, Dumb and dumber and The dancing outlaw
First concert: Raffi


Sum 41 till the end