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SUM 41


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What do you do if every bass player you've had is either greasy, unmotivated, or just plain crap? You create your own! If you put one part trouble bass licks, and add good'll end up with Cone! Cone put an end to
Sum 41's long search for a master basser in February of 1999.
Sick and tired of cleaning up stale popcorn and gummie bears at the movie theatre where he worked, Cone decided that the road leading to rock was his destination! So he quit the movie buisness for a career in music. Born in 1980 in Toronto, Cone decided he wanted to play the bass guitar. In high school he was in many local bands with awful names such as Wizard, Lizard tounge, Second Opinion, Body dream and more! Cone then joined Sum 41 and still thinks he is the real reason Sum 41 got signed because as he keeps reminding the band "We did get signed right after I joined the band." which could easily be trure but... i think not



Age: 24
Birthday: Sept 3rd 1980
Birthplace: North York, Ontario Canada
Favorite Expression: "Drop trou and show us some boosh"!
Day job: Everyday is like a Saturday
Favorite animal: monkey
Favorite bands: The Police and Tenacious D.
Favorite movies: American History X, American Beauty, Commando, Primal Fear.
Car: K.I.T.T (car in Knight Rider)
First Concert: Gowan in Toronto, 1988
Best Concert: Green Day at Edgefest in 1998
Most likely to: be 26 and still look 14
Favourite snack: wine gums
Guitar: he uses  Ampeg 8 by 10 bass cabnet and Ampeg SVT bass head



Sum 41 till the end