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SUM 41

Stevo 32

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Stevo is sum 41's drummer, which rox. hes really great at it... i dont know a lot about steve so i will tri to work with wut i hav here and make more of it !


u wana go punk? haa esther

Age: 24
Birthday:July 23rd 1981
Birthdayplace: Hashbro, Ontario, Canada
Favorite expression: "I always get my meat,you know that"!!!
Day job: Hey what's with all the questions? C'mon, this topping, that topping- it's the same pizza pie in the end!
Favorite animal: monkey
Favortie bands: Wycsyd Cceptor and Jump the gun
Favorite movie: Eraserhead
Car: Optimus pride
Pet: Cone


STEVE JOCZ!!!!!!!! SUM 41

Sum 41 till the end