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SUM 41

interesting but true.... all true

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here are some pretty funny, wierd and interesting facts that u mite not hav known about sum 41.


*deryck cuts his own hair with kitchen scissors and use to be called a fag because of his wacky hair

*cone's pants & boxers once fell down during a show because his belt broke, leaving him to play the rest of his gig in a t-shirt

*DMX was in the video "Makes no Difference"

*dave changed his name to brownsound because a jazz guy named hot chocolate said he would make a hit that would break both his legs if he didn't change his name!

*Sum 41 is making a clothing line called "Evil dwarf clothing cult"

*steve likes sandwiches...with only mustard on them!

*deryck hates all animals

*Sum 41's first song was called Five-o-grind. It was about being hasseled by a security guard while skateboaring

*steve doesn't have his liscence yet! 

*the song "Crazy Amanda Bunkface" is about an ex-girlfriend of derycks

*cone doesn't think destiny's child is hot, but deryck & steve agree that they are

* cone is "6'3"

*deryck only brings 1 pair of pants and about 4 or 5shirts on tour because the first time he brought EVERYTHING he owned and it was all stolen on the 3rd day!

*Jason McCaslin got the nickname "cone" in high school cuz he used to eat an icecream cone everyday at lunch

* Stevo is a vegetarian

* Deryck used to love basketball, but when Michael Jordan quit, he left it too.

*Deryck's guitar is a Gibson marauder w/ SIT strings and a 100-watt Marshall stack amp

SUM 41

Sum 41 till the end